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2018 Fund-A-Need

2018 Fund-a-Need: Navigating the Information Age

Having strong digital literacy skills is not an option – it’s a must.

In today’s information age, whether in academics or the job market, students need to possess a broad range of abilities – from conducting deep research, to evaluating a source, to creating and communicating content responsibly. To support LBUSD in addressing this need, the 2018 Fund-a-Need Navigating the Information Age will invest in a district-wide Digital Library Specialist, as well as part-time teacher coaches. Using a proven model, this team will lead a K-12 effort to improve students’ digital literacy skills.

Check out this informative video from LBUSD’s talented Andy Crisp:

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The 2018 Fund-a-Need was held at the Dinner Dance on February 10.

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