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Business Appreciation Party


SchoolPower celebrated the businesses that support our schools at the Business Appreciation party on May 17, generously hosted by Skyloft.

Student Directory Advertisers, Business Alliance members and Real Estate Honor Roll members enjoyed food and drinks while mingling with LBUSD leadership and SchoolPower volunteers.

SchoolPower Past President Amy Kramer led the auction for coveted Directory cover spots. Mark Christy secured two spots for Hobie and The Ranch at Laguna Beach, while Jack Jakosky of Boat Canyon Shopping Center won the inside cover.

Executive Director Robin Rounaghi commended the group of local business people who understand the importance of investing in our students and community. “We couldn’t do it without your generous support – a true win/win for your businesses and our schools!”

SchoolPower contributed over $900,000 to the four Laguna Beach public schools last year, funding music, arts, teacher grants, class size reduction, and more.

Mark Meisberger of UPS; Amy Kramer of SchoolPower; Kirk Van Atta of Farmers & Merchants Bank

Areo team


Andrea Randle of the Boys & Girls Club; Jill Pillsbury of SchoolPower

Amy Kramer of SchoolPower leading the auction for Directory covers

Rob Alshuler and Taylor Pillsbury of SchoolPower; Scott Sanchez of Firebrand Media

SchoolPower Celebrates Local Business Support at The Ranch at Laguna Beach

The natural beauty of Laguna’s most serene canyon provided the perfect setting for SchoolPower’s annual Business Appreciation party, hosted by The Ranch at Laguna Beach.

As well as thanking supporters of Laguna Beach’s non-profit education foundation, the event featured a spirited bidding war for coveted cover spots of the 2016-17 Student Directory. Led by Vice President Taylor Pillsbury, the auction raised $13,500 thanks to bidding by Marcus Skenderian representing Surterre Properties, Mark Christy representing Hobie, and to Jack Jakosky of Boat Canyon Shopping Center.

The SchoolPower Student Directory provides a valuable source of revenue for all four Laguna Beach public schools. Often referred to as “the best read book in town,” the Directory is gifted to approximately 2,000 families in the school district each fall and is used all year long. The Directory has connected Laguna Beach families and businesses for over 20 years, and encourages families to support the businesses that support our schools.

“There can be no question that the incredible support from SchoolPower makes the critical difference in terms of providing the tools necessary to set our schools apart,” said Christy. “There is no better investment we can make than in the education of our children and I’m just grateful that we can be a small part of helping SchoolPower lead the charge.”

Guests, including Directory advertisers, Business Alliance members and Real Estate Honor Roll members, enjoyed delicious bites prepared by Chef Camron Woods and staff while mingling around “The Pond” at the newly renovated resort. Christy, co-owner of The Ranch at Laguna Beach and Hobie, hosted the evening’s festivities, in addition to generously underwriting all costs for the upcoming 3 Clubs Barefoot Canyon Classic on May 16. With 100% of the proceeds of the golf tournament going to SchoolPower, he said he created the event for more than just fun.

picture from SchoolPower's Business Appreciation PartyMark Christy, SchoolPower Director Robin Rounaghi, Marcus Skenderian, and Jack Jackosky

SchoolPower’s Student Directory is indispensable to Laguna’s parents and a great source of revenue to public schools, as the 2014-15 edition raised over $65,000.

SchoolPower thanked Directory advertisers at The Bungalows at Pacific Edge Hotel in May. Special thanks to Jack Jakosky of Boat Canyon Shopping Center and Mark Christy of Hobie, Tuvalu and The Ranch at Laguna Beach, whose high bids won cover spaces in the 2015-16 Directory.

Holly Wilson, Jay Lee & Frana Sadler
Holly Wilson, Jay Lee & Frana Sadler
Mark Christy and Jack Jakosky
Mark Christy and Jack Jakosky