family support services


SchoolPower is ready to help, in a spirit of warmth, inclusion, confidentiality, and without judgement. The Family Resource Center (FRC) is a new and evolving partnership between SchoolPower and LBUSD. As a part of the Family Resource Center, SchoolPower is helping to provide LBUSD families with financial and crisis assistance, mental health support, academic support, and community connections.

Financial & Crisis Assistance

Short-term immediate financial assistance for essential needs (food, clothing, gas, transportation), as well as referrals to local resources.

Academic Support

Connecting families to district resources and answering questions related to LBUSD, as well as referrals to tutors, academic coaches, and college counselors for those seeking additional support

Mental Health

Partnerships with mental health providers for workshops and preventative education. Help connecting to vetted professionals for those needing further support.

Community Connection

Guidance for families as they navigate the parenting journey in Laguna Beach, including parent groups, workshops, and community-wide events.