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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between PTA & SchoolPower? Do they duplicate efforts?
Both are important partners for our schools, raising funds and enhancing the learning experience for our children, but the monies are applied very differently. The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) volunteers and raises money for specific purposes at the individual school sites. SchoolPower, working closely with LBUSD leaders, provides long-term and annual, district-wide funding for all four Laguna Beach Schools.

I could never afford to attend a big Dinner Dance… is SchoolPower really for me?
Absolutely! SchoolPower raises money through a variety of events both big and small. The #1 fundraiser is the Community Campaign. A simple donation of $100 earns each donor a Laguna Locals Discount Card, as a thank you.

Are there other ways to help SchoolPower besides writing a check?
It truly “takes a village” to make SchoolPower events as successful as they are. Our annual events need a legion of helpers to run smoothly. There is something for everyone!

We passed a school Bond in 2001, shouldn’t our schools have all the money they need?
No! Bond monies can ONLY be used for capital improvements. None of the bond money can be used for important programming, like foreign language, music and art, or class size reduction.

What is the SchoolPower Endowment Fund (SEF)?
The SchoolPower Endowment is a vehicle for large gift donations and teacher grants. Currently totaling over $3.3 million, the Fund also provides a safety net for our schools against an unpredictable financial future. Read more about the SchoolPower Endowment Fund.

Will my donation make a difference?
Absolutely! We hope that everyone will contribute. Some can afford to contribute more than others, but it means so much to know the whole community is providing support. Your donation does make a difference.