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Foreign Language and Language Arts

The benefits of an early introduction to foreign language are many: better language proficiency, cultural awareness, enhancement of communication skills and positive effects on creativity and memory, to name just a few. For these reasons, SchoolPower is proud to help the LBUSD in their commitment to foreign language study.

SchoolPower Endowment Grant – $500,000
$50,000 annually/10 years to advance
     district-wide foreign language instruction

This funding supported the hiring and currently maintains a dedicated Spanish Teacher – Señor Fritze — for grades 4 and 5 at El Morro and Top of the World Elementary, and after-school club Spanish for grades 1-3.

Foreign Language and Language Arts

Language Arts Teacher Grants


Full Wall Classroom White Board, $5,732, Dawn Hunnicutt, LBHS
World of Words Reading Program Bundles, Tami Mays, EMS

Journalism Training at Newspapers Workshop, $3,500, James Brusky, LBHS
Reading Counts, $5,000, Principal Michael Conlon, TOW
Socialization Curriculum, $1,750, Dustin Gowan, TOW
Happiest Place On Earth, $700, Heather Besecker and fourth grade team, EMS
Watch Out!, $450, Heather Besecker and the fourth grade team, EMS
Time For Kids, $601, Shannon Velotta-Grasso and third grade team, EMS
Germs Make Me Sick, $363, Heather Besecker and the fourth grade team, EMS

English Department Modernize Technology, $3,0724, Jun Shen, LBHS
Decisive Reading, $1,000, Rosie Haynes, TOW

Junior Great Books, $898, 1st Grade Team, TOW
Text Complexity – Common Core State Standards, $2,000, Dustin Gowan, TOW
Literacy w/ Non-fiction, $1,000, 1st Grade Team, TOW
Learning Headquarters Common Core Writing Training, Marie Bammer, TOW
Classroom Library Improvement, $800, Mary Minerman, TOW
3rd grade Common Core Literacy Support, $800, EMS, Wong
Learning Headquarters Common Core Writing Training, $1,500, Marie Bammer, EMS

Newspapers 2 Journalism Workshop, $2,100, Jim Brusky, LBHS
Scholastic Reading Counts, $2,500, Chris Duddy and Claudia Cameron, EMS
Words with Students, $300, Annie Bochenek, EMS
Scrabble Flash, $300, Denise Grey, EMS

Foreign Language Teacher Grants


Project Talk Abroad, $1,000, Jeff Dippel, TMS

French Learning Library Funding for Books, $1,000, Randi Beckley, TMS