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Long Term Stewardship

Excellence in education takes long-term commitment and planning. Even while your child is in the lower grades, the Laguna Beach school district, and SchoolPower, are committed to maintaining and enhancing education at every grade level so your child can look forward to excellence in their education through grade 12.

Due to LBUSD’s “Basic Aid” funding (or property tax revenue based funding), Laguna Beach schools have not faced the draconian budget cuts faced by surrounding school districts. No school district should have to navigate these kinds of budget cuts, but in the event that LBUSD does, it will be up to our community to literally save our schools. In uncertain times, SchoolPower believes that there is no time like the present to prepare for whatever challenges lie ahead.

SchoolPower’s Endowment Fund was established in 1984 to provide permanent endowment and capital funding for LBUSD schools for the education of present and future students. Currently at $3 million, as this fund grows, so grows the safety net for Laguna Beach public schools.

SchoolPower contributions are made with the long term K-12 success of all four schools in mind. The goal is to graduate “world-ready” kids who will excel in whatever they want to achieve after high school.

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