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Music and The Arts

Music and the Arts are often the first programs cut when budgets are reduced. As part of its emphasis on the whole child, LBUSD remains committed to maintaining programs in music and the arts from Kindergarten to Twelfth Grade. In addition to correlations between music and success in academic subjects, participation in drama, music and art have intrinsic value that benefit students for a lifetime.

In addition to grants, $25,000 of SchoolPower’s Annual Gift to LBUSD supports music for K-8 students.

SchoolPower 2013 Annual Gift to LBUSD: K-8 Music $25,000

2014 Winter Concert featuring LBHS students. SchoolPower is proud to support these talented musicians!

Orchestrating a Strings Expansion

With the support of a three-year $150,000 commitment from the SchoolPower Endowment Foundation, LBUSD has launched an initiative to build and expand its K-12 music program. An elementary school strings program will now be offered during the school day, as well as a middle school strings elective, a high school guitar and ukulele class and a high school advanced music theory class.

“Having a well-rounded musical education that exposes students to a variety of instruments and styles is a critical component for student success in the arts,” said Jonathan Mann, the new middle school band and strings teacher. Mann, along with high school music teachers Jeremy Chung and Landon Yaple, elementary music teacher Rich Hartford and middle/high school jazz director Roger Shew, are thrilled to be part of a program where the arts are so thoroughly supported.

Gary Shapiro and Endowment President Bill Moore orchestrated the Alumni “Shap Show” in May to raise money and awareness for the Strings Initiative. Accepting a generous donation of $10,000 by Danny McKenna, Moore expressed his optimism that the strings initiative will culminate in bringing LBHS what other larger high schools already have – a high school orchestra.

In addition to grants, $47,000 of SchoolPower’s Annual Gift to LBUSD supports performing and visual arts for middle and high school students.

The Arts Teacher Grants


Drama Classroom Lighting System, $8,000, Alexis Karol and Peter Roche, LBHS
Wacom Art Tables, $7,638, Kerry Pellow and Bridget Beaudry Porter, LBHS
Let Video Production Serve All, $4,985, Jun Shen, LBHS

Rotary Labs, $1,600, Scott Wittkop, LBHS
Arts in School, $4,500, Cheri David and the first grade team and Debbie Finnerty and the second grade team, EMS

The Renovation of the Greene Room, $5,000, Mark Dressler and Peter Roche, LBHS
Moving Video Production Forward, $2,439, Jun Shen, LBHS
The Garden is a Gallery, $1,800, Tamara Wong, EMS

The Garden is a Gallery, $1,605, 3rd Grade Team, EMS
Mobile Display Case, $2,255, Somer Selway, LBHS
Technology for Art Department, $5,000, Scott Wittkop and Kerry Pellow, LBHS

Expanding Multimedia, $990, Andy Crisp, TMS