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SchoolPower In The News

Robin Rounaghi

March 2018
When her oldest son was in kindergarten, Robin Rounaghi started volunteering for SchoolPower, a foundation that has raised money for Laguna Beach public schools since 1981. Her son is now a college sophomore. After many years as a SchoolPower trustee, including two stints as president, and the last five years growing the organization as executive director, Rounaghi this week announced her exit from the organization this summer for family reasons. “It was beautiful to watch Robin be the caretaker and enabler of the goals and aspirations of the teachers, district leaders and parents. Robin has been a wonderful gift to our community,” SchoolPower supporter and endowment board member Brent Martini said in a statement. “It all starts with Robin’s complete commitment to our kids…” Read More

From left: Hall of Fame Award recipient and Laguna Beach parent Brent Martini, center, earns the applause of SchoolPower Executive Director Robin Rounaghi and Superintendent Jason Viloria. Photo by Kristin Karkoska.
Special Parent Receives SchoolPower’s Top Award

September 2017
The award was created in honor of the late Claes Andersen, owner of Hotel Laguna and Claes Restaurant. Andersen opened his restaurant to SchoolPower back in 2001 and underwrote an annual dinner for seven consecutive years, in addition to other generous donations. The Andersen family contributions totaled over $200,000 to SchoolPower… Read More


October 2017
Don’t Stop Ballievin’. The Dodgefathers. Throwbocops. These are just some of the 56 teams that battled for glory at SchoolPower’s Dodgeball VIII tournament on October 18. Over 500 costumed players, coaches, referees and scorekeepers, as well as countless cheering spectators, filled the LBHS gymnasiums at this hugely popular event… Read More

Mark Meisberger of UPS; Amy Kramer of SchoolPower; Kirk Van Atta of Farmers and Merchants Bank

May 2017
SchoolPower celebrated the businesses that support our schools at the Business Appreciation party on May 17, generously hosted by Skyloft. Student Directory Advertisers, Business Alliance members and Real Estate Honor Roll members enjoyed food and drinks while mingling with LBUSD leadership and SchoolPower volunteers… Read More

Guests Tom Addis, Holly Wilson, and Jerry Hayden attend Schoolpower’s dinner dance last month.
SchoolPower Fundraiser Supports Student Well-Being

March 2017
SchoolPower held its 32nd annual dinner dance at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, and raised $300,000 for Laguna Beach schools, says a statement. About half of that amount was pledged towards the 2017 fund-a-need campaign for the district’s student well-being initiative… Read More

Community is served at SchoolPower’s Chef Challenge!

March 2017
The Lumberyard hosted SchoolPower’s 8th Annual Chef Challenge Monday, March 13th. The brainchild of Cary and Suzanne Redfearn, the event is a competition with dueling guest “chefs” who choose two different 3-course menus. Net proceeds from the event, approximately $8,000 this year, benefit the schools through SchoolPower. “The level of support from the Redfearns for our schools and community has been exemplary,” enthused Taylor Pillsbury, SchoolPower president. “It’s people like them who make our town so special.”… Read More


February 2017
SchoolPower held its 32nd Annual Dinner Dance Mission: NOT Impossible on February 11 at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel. The black, white and red-themed event grossed approximately $300,000 for Laguna Beach schools… Read More

SchoolPower Endowment Gives $50,000 to LBUSD’s Rocket Ready Program

January 2017
SchoolPower Endowment funded $50,000 towards LBUSD’s game-changing “Rocket Ready” program, which focuses on project-based learning and teacher development. The gift will fund the classroom projects portion of the pilot program. Chris Clark, Endowment’s president, says, “SchoolPower Endowment is excited to fund $50,000 for the Rocket Ready classroom projects. We want to congratulate Mike Morrison (LBUSD’s Chief Technology Officer) and the terrific team at LBUSD for making Rocket Ready a reality! We are all very proud to be a part of this ground-breaking effort.”… Read More

Photo by Blue Sky’s Studio.
Chef’s Challenge Whips Up Donors

SchoolPower’s seventh annual Chef Challenge, generously hosted by Cary and Suzanne Redfearn at Lumberyard restaurant, treated 130 guests to a lively dinner while raising $9,516 for Laguna Beach schools… Read More

Dodgeball fundraiser brings out 600 players

A record 68 teams of students and adults participated in SchoolPower’s sixth annual Dodgeball Tournament Wednesday at Laguna Beach High. More than 600 players including Laguna Beach lifeguards and firefighters dressed in costume for the fundraising event. Prizes were given to first-place teams in each division and for best costume. Winning teams earned $500 to designate to a Laguna Beach Unified School District teacher or school program of their choice. Read More

SchoolPower doles out nearly $85,000 in teacher grants

SchoolPower has awarded $84,684 to teachers at all four Laguna Beach Unified School District campuses for programs and equipment. Officials from the nonprofit, which raises funds for the schools, announced the awards during Tuesday’s school board meeting. A record 892 donors contributed to SchoolPower’s Community Campaign, which raised an unprecedented $528,000 this year. Money for teacher grants was part of this total. Read More

Photos courtesy SchoolPower.
SchoolPower hits it out of the park – again – as its 30th Annual “Stroke of Genius” gala makes history

Laguna’s education foundation SchoolPower, which broke records this year with its community campaign, continued its winning streak at Montage Laguna Beach at its 30th annual gala “Stroke of Genius.” The featured Fund-a-Need, which will advance a district initiative to transform classrooms raised the most money in the history of SchoolPower’s Fund-a-Need campaigns. Read More

From left, Holly Wilson, Jay Lee and Frana Sadler attend SchoolPower’s recent business appreciation party.
SchoolPower Treats Supporters to an Ocean View

The Pacific Ocean provided the backdrop for SchoolPower’s recent annual business appreciation party, hosted by The Deck and Pacific Edge Hotel. Supporters of SchoolPower, Laguna Beach’s non-profit education foundation, dined on food prepared by Chef Rainer Schwarz and received President Tom Motherway’s appreciation. “Your generosity and support not only means excellent schools for Laguna Beach kids, but makes our town the wonderful community that it is,” Motherway said. Read More

Winning Chefs El Morro Elementary Principal Chris Duddy (left) and Top of the World Elementary Principal Michael Conlon (right) savor their challenge victory
SchoolPower’s annual Chef Challenge VI won by the elementary dudes – Michael Conlon and Chris Duddy

SchoolPower’s annual Chef Challenge netted $10,025 and has grossed $65,887 over the past six years thanks to the generosity and hospitality of Lumberyard restaurant owners Cary and Suzanne Redfearn. Lumberyard raises money for local schools by shutting its doors to the public for an evening and hosting the unique dinner, which has proven to be a sell-out function with Laguna’s parents. Read More

Logo - Stroke of Genius: SchoolPower's 30th Annual Gala
SchoolPower’s “Stroke of Genius” Breaks Records

Local education foundation SchoolPower, which broke records this year with its community campaign, continued its winning streak at Montage Laguna Beach at its 30th annual gala “Stroke of Genius.” The featured Fund-a-Need which will advance a district initiative to transform classrooms raised the most money in the history of SchoolPower’s Fund-a-Need campaigns. Read More

DodgeBall V Tournament Champions
SchoolPower’s DodgeBall V Tournament

SchoolPower’s Dodgeball V Tournament brought the community together, filling the high school gyms with 66 teams, 512 players and a cacophony of referee whistles, ricocheting balls and roaring fans last Wednesday.

El Morro teachers won the adult division and the coveted Golden Skull dodgeball trophy on center court. Champions of all divisions were also awarded $500 in prize money to allocate to any Laguna Beach School District department or program. The El Morro team is purchasing literature for the classrooms. Read More

SchoolPower’s Robin Rounaghi

Meet the dynamic top employee of SchoolPower, Robin Rounaghi, in this week’s Laguna Life & People feature! Robin’s enthusiasm for SchoolPower and her commitment to bettering Laguna’s public schools is paramount to the organization’s success!

Thanks StuNewsLaguna for capturing Robin Hayward Rounaghi.

Get to know Robin at:

Story by Samantha Washer. Photos by Mary Hurlbut — with Robin Hayward Rounaghi and 3 others.

SchoolPower has presented the 2014 Hall of Fame Award to Firebrand Media for its unwavering support of local public schools.

Firebrand, which creates nationwide publications, websites and marketing, produces local mainstays The Laguna Beach Independent newspaper and Laguna Beach Magazine from its Broadway Street headquarters. More than write about Laguna, Firebrand has supported the idea of community with more than $50,000 of in-kind sponsorship and revenue to the local education foundation.

“SchoolPower has always been close to our hearts,” said Scott Sanchez, Firebrand’s chief technology officer and publisher. “The kids are the foundation of our town, and making sure that we support them feels like the right thing to do.”

The groups’ collaboration began five years ago, when Firebrand signed on to help SchoolPower’s newly-created community event, SchoolPowerPalooza – the predecessor of SchoolPower’s Dodgeball Tournament. Subsequently, Firebrand named SchoolPower as its Montage fashion show beneficiary and became one of SchoolPower’s most generous Business Alliance sponsors.

SchoolPower and Firebrand are currently partnering to increase the outreach of SchoolPower’s Laguna Locals Card, which offers discounts at over a hundred local businesses. Beginning in June, visitors will be able to purchase the Locals Card at Firebrand’s One Laguna, a multimedia center located on Forest Avenue that is equipped to help local residents and tourists get the most from the town.

“As a partner, Firebrand is not afraid to try something new and maybe push the envelope a little bit. Firebrand has helped us create new programs and revitalized long-standing ones,” said Robin Rounaghi, SchoolPower’s executive director who presented the award at a June event at The Ranch.

The Hall of Fame (aka “Claes”) Award was established in 2006 in honor of Hotel Laguna’s Claes Anderson, whose generosity paved the way for a new level of giving to SchoolPower. Previous Hall of Fame Award recipients include Donnie Crevier, David Wilhelm and Philo Smith, Hearts of Montage, David Wilson, Laguna Graphic Arts, Lumberyard and Fredric H. Rubel Jewelers.

Sanchez says Firebrand is proud to be included on that list. “We believe wholeheartedly in SchoolPower’s mission and we have a great partnership,” he said. “We only see things growing in the future.

Left to Right: SchoolPower’s VP Business Alliance Mike Gilles, Firebrand Media’s Scott Sanchez and SchoolPower’s Executive Director Robin Rounaghi at SchoolPower’s Business Appreciation Party.


Laguna Beach High School may be the smallest public high school in Orange County, but don’t tell that to its athletic program. Regularly competing against teams from much larger schools, LBHS teams have achieved great success against their larger neighbors. Dedicated athletes, parents and coaches, as well as a supportive community, are some of the factors that go into this success.

Debbie and Greg Hexberg and their Hexberg Family Foundation, have gone above and beyond in their support of LBHS’ athletic excellence. First, they are committed parents of two LBHS student/athletes. Second, over the past three years, The Hexberg Family Foundation has given $80,000 to SchoolPower for the LBHS athletic program. With their only stipulation being that the money be spent where it would impact as many students as possible, the Hexberg Family Foundation has funded items as far ranging as hurdles for the track team, bleachers for the water polo and swim teams, and even locker in the girls locker rooms. “The Hexbergs have had a truly transformational effect on the LBHS athletic program over the past three years. Their donations have funded very tangible things; things necessary to maintain a robust athletic program. As a parent of two high school athletes, I am personally very grateful for all they have done,” said Lynn Gregory, SchoolPower president.

This year’s donation of $30,000 refurbished the school’s weight room facility. New treadmills and new cardio bikes replaced outdated, worn out and even broken equipment, some of it over ten years old. “The reality of a school system is that they cannot always fund every need that coaches have. A complete weight and cardio vascular fitness center is one of those needs. Had the Hexberg family not stepped up with their generous donation we would still be struggling. This facility is used every hour of the day starting at 6:00am till after 6:00pm when we close. The more than 600 athletes and countless Physical Education students put this fitness center to the test every day…” enthused LBHS Athletic Director, Mike Churchill. LBHS principal, Dr. Joanne Culverhouse added, “Thanks to the generous donation of the Hexberg family, we are able to provide opportunities for our students to practice a healthy lifestyle. When I enter the weight room, I consistently observe our students working out on the treadmills and bikes. I am very thankful for the continued support of Debbie and Greg and the contributions they make to LBHS.” The weight room at LBHS is a relatively small facility that, like the school it serves, has a bigger impact than its size would suggest.

The Hexberg Family Foundation’s donation refurbished LBHS’s weight room facility with new cardio bikes and treadmills.

Teacher Grants Impact Students Now

“SchoolPower allows us to go beyond the walls of the classroom and explore,” said Thurston science teacher Linda Hill-Lindsay, who received a 2014 SchoolPower Endowment Teacher Grant.

The annual Teacher Grant Program, designed so ideas can be quickly funded and put into action, encourages Laguna’s teachers, administrators and classified staff to submit proposals that will have a direct impact on students. SchoolPower Endowment earmarked $82,417 for 16 teacher grants to be utilized this school year. Three grants totalling $11,080 were funded by the Brighter Stars Fund. Wendy Offield, a former president of both SchoolPower and SchoolPower Endowment, stepped forward to fund $12,359 of arts-focused grants.

Teachers Sarah Benson and Kristen Kaa accept a $30,714 teach grant on behalf of the LBHS English Department. Right to Left: SchoolPower’s Executive Director Robin Rounaghi, LBHS Principal Joanne Culverhouse, LBHS English teachers Kristin Kaa and Sarah Benson.

SchoolPower Business Appreciation Dinner – May 8, 2014

Local parents know the SchoolPower Student Directory is a post-Internet phonebook that remains relevant and indispensable. It is also a great source of added revenue to Laguna’s public schools, as the 2013-2014 edition raised over $76k.

SchoolPower, Laguna’s non-profit education foundation, thanked Directory advertisers at The Bungalows at Pacific Edge Hotel on May 8. The event also honored members of the Business Alliance and the new Real Estate Honor Roll, two year-long sponsorship programs that are estimated to raise approximately $50,000 for the schools this year. The relationships also bring goodwill, as residents are encouraged to support the businesses that support the schools. Business Alliance members Pacific Edge Hotel and The Deck, who generously donated the food, drink and seaside venue, hosted the annual gathering of new and longtime business sponsors, LBUSD administrators and parents.

“Laguna’s businesses are unfailingly supportive of our local schools,” said SchoolPower President Lynn Gregory, “and SchoolPower is grateful to every one of them.”

Trustee Taylor Pillsbury, acting as auctioneer for coveted ad spaces in the 2014-15 Directory’s back and inside covers, orchestrated bidding that brought in $13,600. Jack Jakosky of Boat Canyon Shopping Center and Mark Christy of Hobie/Tuvalu and The Ranch at Laguna Beach won the prized spots.

LBHS Principal Dr. Joanne Culverhouse with SchoolPower Directory Co-Chair Hilary Gilles and Business Alliance VP Mike Gilles.


SchoolPower’s 29th Annual Dinner Dance, held March 1st, 2014, netted over $225,000 for Laguna Beach schools.

The event, which drew over 300 guests to Montage Laguna Beach, dedicated a portion of the evening to raising money for an initiative selected at the recommendation of district leaders. This year’s Fund-a-Need, “Xtremely iNteractive,” requested Apple iPads, Apple TVs and Google Chromebooks and advances a long-term goal to create high-tech, interactive classrooms.

“Last year’s Fund-a-Need upgraded the district’s wireless network and allowed the increased use of classroom technology at all four schools,” said SchoolPower President Lynn Gregory. “We now have the infrastructure in place to take the next step with these new tools.”

The crowd raised paddles and pledged over $140,000 for this year’s Fund-a-Need, including an especially impactful and inspiring donation by Holly and David Wilson. In addition to their many contributions to the event, the Wilsons generously committed $37,880 to purchase Apple TVs and large screen monitors.

Via a video, “What Does a 21st Century Classroom Look Like?”, the audience heard from Laguna’s teachers about changes on local school campuses. “It’s been really exciting to integrate technology into the classroom so much more this year,” said Sarah Schaeffer, a Thurston Middle School English teacher. “Obviously, the end goal is not just technology for technology’s sake. Students need these skills to be successful 21st century learners.”

“When we are able to use technology, it is some of the highest engagement we have with our students,” said El Morro teacher Greg Togawa. “They’re focused. They’re motivated. They want to learn.”

Robin Rounaghi, SchoolPower’s executive director, said that the Fund-a-Need goal coalesced nicely with the event theme “Sowing the Seeds,” as the investment in technology “starts something that promises a great future impact.”

Event co-chairs Amy Kramer and Nina Langton took the back-to-basics ideal of “Sowing the Seeds” to heart and enlisted talented parents to craft the dinner dance’s environmentally conscious décor. Succulents, wood and copper – even branches salvaged from the back of a landscaping truck – created an atmosphere that was serenely beautiful.

“We are a grassroots organization made up of parents just trying to raise money and grow something great,” said Kramer. “The fundamental idea of our organization is raising money for our schools, which can then lay the groundwork for students and give them the opportunity to be successful.”

In an added highlight of the evening, Rounaghi introduced a film honoring Ron LaMotte, Tow of the World Elementary School’s principal who will retire at the end of the school year. The crowd was quick to rise to their feet and give LaMotte a standing ovation.

Thurston Middle School teacher Carl Nelson and students interact with iPads connected to a large monitor via Apple TV.

Left to Right: Laguna Beach School Board Member Ketta Brown, SchoolPower President Lynn Gregory and Executive Director Robin Rounaghi

SchoolPower Dinner Dance Chairs Nina Langton (left) and Amy Kramer (right) with their husbands Kirk Langton and Joe Kramer.

SchoolPower guests and generous supporters Holly and David Wilson.