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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (“STEM”)

Along with reading and writing, science and math are the core of the educational curriculum. The SchoolPower Endowment Teacher Grants provide funding for cutting edge technological resources, field trips and state of the art programs in math and science at all four schools. Annual grants are balanced between all four schools, but may focus on a different discipline in any given year. For a comprehensive list of any year's grants, go to Empowered Educators.

Thurston Middle School, Dane Olsen

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (and “STEM”) Teacher Grants

Airwolf Axiom 3D Printer, $4,801, Carrie Denton, LBHS
Benchtop Autoclave for Microbiology Research, $4,600, Steve Sogo and Alondra Hartford, LBHS
Bone Farm, $8,000, Michelle Martinez, TMS
TMS Digital STEAM, $14,125, Jesse Rothman, TMS
OSMO, $5,000, Kimberly Mattson, Brett Bond, June Hosokawa, and Carol Mignosa, TOW
Dot and Dash, $2,816, Kimberly Mattson, Lynda Davis, and fifth grade teachers, TOW
Elementary Maker Space, $2,000, Melanie Whitenack, Kevin Nguyen, and Lisa Manion, TOW
Break It, Take It, Drop It, $650, Annie Bochenek, Kathy Vick, Heather Besecker, and Denise Grey, EMS
Gaining STEAM in Second Grade, $1,106, Deborah Finnerty, Marilyn Beauchemin, Kim Krause, and Cama Stevens, EMS
Light! Sound! Snap!, $1,645, Denise Grey, Heather Besecker, Annie Bochenek, and Kathy Vick, EMS
OSMO, $639, Kimberly Krause, EMS
OSMO Technology, $2,138, Lisa Williams, Gretchen Sjule, Mary Blanton, and Tami Mays, EMS

CSTEM Linkbots and Programming, $9,297, Carrie Denton and Cassandra Brooker, LBHS
Mobile Labs, $11,040, Jen Merritt and the science team, LBHS
SeaPerch Robotics, $5,332, Cassandra Brooker and Carrie Denton, LBHS
Footprints Through History, $8,000, Michelle Martinez, Megan Mattihas, and Darci Anderson, TMS
Murder Mystery Trial, $5,000, Kelly Skon and Michelle Martinez, TMS
Destination Imagination, $1,000, Ina Inouye Wu, TMS
NGSS Implementation of Outdoor Science School Curriculum, $2,400, Richard Selin and the sixth grade science team, TMS
STEM Stations, $750, Maryann Thomas and the fourth grade team, TOW
TOW Grade 5 STEM Science Kits, $1,963, Susan Sick and the fifth grade team, TOW
Empowering Science and Literature, $1,400, Rosie Haynes and the second grade team, TOW
Learn to Learn Education – SDC, $787, Kim Adams and special education team, EMS
FOSS Next Generation Forces and Matter, $3,488, Jamie Jameson and the third grade team, EMS
Factwise, $580, Marilyn Beachemin and the second grade team, EMS

A New Window on the World (Spectrophotometry for Honors Chemistry), $9,995, Steve Sogo, LBHS
Making Math Mobile, $4,000, Jennifer Spitler, TMS
2014 Life Science iPad Print Workstation, $2,425, Linda Hill-Lindsay, TMS

Toshiba Tablets for Chemistry Education, $1,700, Steven Sogo, LBHS
Science Partnership with UCSD Chemists, $3,500, Steven Sogo, LBHS
Cal Math Council Annual Conference,$2,970, Valorie Quigley, LBHS
Outdoor Science, $5,000, Richard Selin, TMS
ST Math Program Renewal and Generation 5 Major Upgrade, $3,000, Lisa Hansen, CLC

Outdoor Science Scholarship Fund, $5,000, Richard Selin, TMS

"This year's SchoolPower grant enabled me to pick up a piece that focuses on activity-based economics. Involving my students in activities that require them to make choices and decisions is an ideal way to teach the economic way of thinking. Chinese proverb: I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."
Mark Alvarez, LBHS Economics Teacher