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Supporting Detail for 2016-17 Tax Return

Breakdown of Income and Expenses for Fiscal Year 2016-17

EventIncomeExpensesNet Income
Administration: Payroll (including Taxes)*15,000(155,306)(140,306)
Administration: Other Income/Expenses2,157(23,935)(21,778)
Community Campaign**510,714(50,691)460,023
Dinner Dance (w/Fund A Need)**296,760(91,826)204,934
Business Alliance (including In Kind)68,458(43,537)24,921
Chef Challenge9,634(1,717)7,917
Public Relations(19,990)(19,990)
Real Estate Honor Roll31,783(5,787)25,996
LBUSD Initiatives: Direct Contributions50,00050,000

Beginning Cash Available

Cash Available for Contributions732,340

Contributions Made***
Annual Gift(250,000)
Fund A Need (TMS library / district classrooms)(159,270)
Laguna Beach Endowment Fund(98,576)
Community Campaign Allocations(91,715)
Barefoot Golf Classic(9,650)
Asset Retirement(8,734)
LBUSD Initiatives: Direct Contributions(50,862)
Total Contributions(668,806)

Ending Cash Balance


* Annual executive director salary including bonus (2016-17) $75,000; ED and staff serve SchoolPower and Endowment; see job description. The Endowment contributes $15,000 to help cover Endowment-related staff support.

** Dinner Dance expenses are funded by donors who choose to attend; other donations are not reduced by these expenses.

*** For funding philosophy and guidelines, go to