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Governed by its own board of directors, the Laguna Beach Education Endowment and Capital Fund is a separate 501(c)(3) charitable foundation that was established in 1986 for three purposes:

  1. To create a source of funding to be used by LBUSD to establish and maintain long-range programs that would have a major impact on our schools.
  2. To establish a growing source of funds to be maintained in perpetuity, from which only the income will be given to the school district.
  3. To ensure the longevity of SchoolPower, so it is not dependent on any one year’s annual fundraising.

Thanks to the generosity of parents, community members and businesses, and to the annual contribution of a share of SchoolPower’s annual fundraising income, the Endowment has grown to over $4 million. SchoolPower hopes to continue to grow the Endowment to create a long-term stable source of money that will help protect public schools in Laguna Beach from volatility in state funding and year-to-year fluctuations in fundraising.

While gifts to SchoolPower improve our schools today, donations to the Endowment are an investment in future generations of Laguna Beach students. Gifts to the Endowment ensure the ongoing health and vitality of our schools and, by extension, our community.

The Endowment includes both unrestricted funds, as well as restricted or donor-advised funds to support a particular area of interest (i.e. athletics). Disbursements from restricted funds are made for needs identified by the school district, in consultation with donors or in accordance with the restricted purpose of the fund.

Ways to donate to the Endowment include:

  • Cash donations
  • Pledge cash gift over time
  • Transfers of appreciated stocks
  • Transfers of real estate
  • Matching gifts
  • Creation of a charitable remainder trust
  • Making a bequest to the Endowment in your will or trust
  • Designating SchoolPower Endowment as a life insurance beneficiary

Please reach out to SchoolPower’s Executive Director Sarah Durand if you are interested in learning more about how you can make a gift to the Endowment.

Endowment funds are invested for the long term with the goal of producing maximum total return with prudent levels of risk. The funds are invested in accordance with an Investment Policy Statement approved by the Endowment Board of Directors and managed by the Investment Committee.

The Endowment Board works in close partnership with the district to make funding decisions, distributing annually up to 5% of the weighted-average market value of the past three fiscal years. In times of lesser need for LBUSD, the Endowment may not make the maximum allowable gift in favor of growing the Endowment’s assets.

Distributions from the Endowment have historically funded annual teacher grants as well as longer term, multi-year commitments to support district initiatives, including:

  • Establish early introduction foreign language instruction at the elementary level ($500,000 grant over 10 years)
  • Build and expand the LBUSD music program, making a commitment to support elementary and middle school strings program, high school guitar and ukulele and high school advanced music theory ($150,000 grant over 3 years)