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staff & teacher grants


SchoolPower grants encourage innovation, creativity and excellence in our schools. We invite all teachers, administrators, classified staff, and coaches to submit grant requests for programs that have a direct impact on students.

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To encourage excellence and innovation in teaching

To support educators for needs that arise in the 2021-2022 school year

To fund innovative or additional programs in the LBUSD that might not otherwise be possible within current district budget priorities

To expand upon current curriculum with innovative teaching strategies or build on successfully executed grants from past years


All teachers, administrators, classified staff of LBUSD, and coaches are eligible to apply for grants, as long as direct impact on students can be demonstrated. All grant proposals must be supplemental to the instructional programs.

Grant awards are based on the demonstrated needs of the project and the funds available. In some cases, an award may cover only a portion of the entire projected cost. A detailed budget is essential for projected costs, describing how the entire budget will be spent. Please present the precise cost (not estimates), in your grant application.

All expenditures for equipment and supplies must be consistent with the description outlined in the application. All materials and equipment purchased with SEF funds become the property of the LBUSD.

Grants are not intended to pay for college or graduate school courses, or programs for which funds are otherwise available. Nor should they be used to purchase materials, such as core curriculum text and standard school supplies, which should be covered in the school’s operational budget.

Please note that first-time grants may receive priority.

Your Principal, Deputy Superintendent of Instructional Services, SchoolPower Teacher Grant Committee and in some cases the Chief Technology Officer or Director of Facilities will be looking at each grant application. Criteria used to evaluate will include but not limited to:

  • Need/Student Benefit
  • Goals/Objectives
  • Clear Plan (implementation, assessment, sustainability)
  • Cost/Benefit Ratio
  • Reach (number of students impacted)
  • Innovation/creativity/originality
  • Is SchoolPower the best funding source?
  • Long term impact
  • Replication/expansion to other grade levels (if applicable)
  • The grant application process is open now and will continue to be open throughout the bulk of the school year.
  • The Grant Application Form is online. Applications will only be accepted via the form; no paper applications.
  • Applications will be reviewed on a bi-weekly basis and we hope to respond to grant requests within two weeks.

Please note that due to limited funds, not all worthy applications are approved in any given year.

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