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our team

SchoolPower is governed by a board of trustees, most of whom are parents of LBUSD students. Our success depends on a team of hard-working volunteers, a small, dedicated staff and a generous community.


Sarah Durand
Executive Director

peggy pietig

Peggy Pietig
Accounting & Systems Manager

Elaine Brashier
Development & Events Coordinator

Laura Jumani

Laura Jumani
Project Coordinator

Executive Committee

Mark Smialowicz

Harpal Sadhal
1st Vice President

Iva Pawling

Sheila Parker

Carol Moss
VP Board Development

Kristin Samuelian
VP Marketing

Amy Dechary
VP Public Relations

Alan Flatt
Member at Large

Allison Motherway
Past President

Steve Samuelian
Endowment President (ex officio)

Sarah Durand
Executive Director (ex officio)

Board of Directors

Steve Samuelian
Endowment President

Nicole Anderson

Mike Nozzarella

Tom Motherway
Investment Committee Member

Buzz Shaw
Investment Committee Member

Brent Martini

Mark Smialowicz
SchoolPower Representative

Iva Pawling
SchoolPower Representative

John Halloran
SchoolPower Representative

Michael Pinto
Chairman Emeritus

Board of Trustees

Cara & Craig Abrahams

Rob Alshuler

Melissa & Dave Amish

Nicole & Peter Anderson

Maria & Juan Bianchi

Kelly & Will Boyd

Lisa & Steve Britt

Erin & Eric Brougher

Keely & Blake Chism

Amy & Paul Dechary

Kristine & Bill Flynn

Lauren & John Halloran

Katie & Shaun MacGillivray

Tiffany & Scott Martino

Carol & Aaron Moss

Allison & Tom Motherway

Sheila & Randy Parker

Iva & Andrew Pawling

Anita Sankaran & Boris Piskun

Elizabeth Hanauer & Paul Pohoresky

Christy & Brian Rayburn

Danielle & Jeff Roedersheimer

Shaheen & Harpal Sadhal

Kristin & Steve Samuelian

Tammy & Marcus Skenderian

Stacey & Mark Smialowicz

Alan Flatt & Justin Stykemain

Meital & Aaron Taub

Melissa & David Vermilya

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A Note of Gratitude

We are thankful to you! This community's generous support of SchoolPower has strengthened our schools and directly benefitted students since 1981. This year, students need our support more than ever. [...]