Laguna Beach High School may be the smallest public high school in Orange County, but don’t tell that to its athletic program. Regularly competing against teams from much larger schools, LBHS teams have achieved great success against their larger neighbors. Dedicated athletes, parents and coaches, as well as a supportive community, are some of the factors that go into this success.

Debbie and Greg Hexberg and their Hexberg Family Foundation, have gone above and beyond in their support of LBHS’ athletic excellence. First, they are committed parents of two LBHS student/athletes. Second, over the past three years, The Hexberg Family Foundation has given $80,000 to SchoolPower for the LBHS athletic program. With their only stipulation being that the money be spent where it would impact as many students as possible, the Hexberg Family Foundation has funded items as far ranging as hurdles for the track team, bleachers for the water polo and swim teams, and even locker in the girls locker rooms. “The Hexbergs have had a truly transformational effect on the LBHS athletic program over the past three years. Their donations have funded very tangible things; things necessary to maintain a robust athletic program. As a parent of two high school athletes, I am personally very grateful for all they have done,” said Lynn Gregory, SchoolPower president.

This year’s donation of $30,000 refurbished the school’s weight room facility. New treadmills and new cardio bikes replaced outdated, worn out and even broken equipment, some of it over ten years old. “The reality of a school system is that they cannot always fund every need that coaches have. A complete weight and cardio vascular fitness center is one of those needs. Had the Hexberg family not stepped up with their generous donation we would still be struggling. This facility is used every hour of the day starting at 6:00am till after 6:00pm when we close. The more than 600 athletes and countless Physical Education students put this fitness center to the test every day…” enthused LBHS Athletic Director, Mike Churchill. LBHS principal, Dr. Joanne Culverhouse added, “Thanks to the generous donation of the Hexberg family, we are able to provide opportunities for our students to practice a healthy lifestyle. When I enter the weight room, I consistently observe our students working out on the treadmills and bikes. I am very thankful for the continued support of Debbie and Greg and the contributions they make to LBHS.” The weight room at LBHS is a relatively small facility that, like the school it serves, has a bigger impact than its size would suggest.