This school year, thanks to our generous community…

  • We awarded $110,000 in grants to educators, counselors, and coaches to support innovative ideas from the classroom to the playground and beyond.
  • We supported students and families throughout the year as needs arose, including assistance for flood victims, holiday baskets, scholarships to enable all graduating seniors to enjoy year-end activities, and Boys & Girls Club scholarships to help kids access summer fun.
  • We partnered with Thrive to provide parent education, student workshops, and mental health support for LBUSD families.
kids at Angels assembly

Looking forward to next year…

  • We’ll administer robust after-school programs at TOW and El Morro to ensure students have access to a wide range of enrichment opportunities.
  • We’ll award more grants though the SchoolPower grant program to allow educators to dream big for our students.
  • We’ll continue to grow the Family Resource Center to support LBUSD families in the areas of mental health, basic needs and crisis support, academic support, parent education, and community connection.