During these times, I’ve struggled with what to say. Sometimes I wish things would go back to “normal,” but the current protests remind me that “normal” was not comfortable for many.

As I prepare for another year in my position at SchoolPower, I am reading, listening, learning and thinking. As a parent, I feel the weight of my duty to raise empathetic, compassionate global citizens, now more than ever. We have work to do as parents and within our schools to fight racism and unconscious bias that persist in our society.

Last week, Superintendent Dr Viloria shared a few resources to support the conversations we are having with our children:

One thing I will be doing this summer is joining this nine-week parenting masterclass, which includes guidance on all the stuff parents are grappling with right now from racism to screen time to a summer without camp.

Thank you to our educators who are working hard on plans to reopen our schools based on state and local health guidelines. And thank you for your continued support of SchoolPower’s efforts and our mission. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any feedback to share with me.

Be well this summer. I look forward to seeing you at the beach and on the trails.


Sarah Durand
Executive Director