This year, funding from the Hexberg Family Foundation allowed LBHS Athletics to continue to provide and expand strength training for student athletes. Students flocked to the outdoor “muscle beach” weight stations, coached by a highly qualified staff. “The funded strength training staff has taken our strength program to the next level. Partnering with a trainer who thinks about our conditioning as their top priority has allowed us to run a much more detail-oriented program,” says Ethan Damato, Head Coach Boys & Girls Water Polo.

Next year, the Hexberg Family Foundation will continue their support with a $50,000 grant, partnering with the Endowment to introduce the Sparta Science force plate to LBHS, as well as continuing to fund dedicated strength and conditioning staff. This innovative program strives to increase athlete conditioning and fitness by giving real-time physical performance readings and monitoring physical progress, putting LBHS athletics on the cutting edge of sport performance development and injury prevention.