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Listening & Learning

During these times, I’ve struggled with what to say. Sometimes I wish things would go back to “normal,” but the current protests remind me that “normal” was not comfortable for many. As I prepare for another year in my [...]

$10,000 Gift for Social Emotional Support

Thank you to the Laguna Beach Community Foundation for a gift of $100,000 from the Wayne Peterson Fund. This generous gift to the SchoolPower Endowment will be used to help expand the Social Emotional Support program in our schools. Philanthropist [...]

Thurston Students Program Robots

Sixth graders in Andy Crisp’s computer class, a 6-week long course on the Exploratory Wheel, are reaping the benefits of Mr. Crisp’s recent SchoolPower teacher grant, which funded two different types of robots that are programmable with Swift. The SchoolPower [...]

Hundreds Turn Out for SchoolPower’s Dodgeball X

More than 380 costumed players on 50 teams ducked, dived and dodged balls at LBHS on October 16 for SchoolPower’s 10th annual Dodgeball Tournament. Each champion team won $500 in prize money to designate to a teacher or school [...]

LBHS Students Paired with Mentors

In 2018-19, thanks to your generous support, SchoolPower donated $736,675 to our schools. SchoolPower funding allowed LBHS to launch the new Authentic Exploratory Research (AER) class, an independent research course in which students explore their passions and career pathways in [...]

AER Mentors Needed

This fall, Laguna Beach High School kicks off the Authentic Exploratory Research (AER) course, which SchoolPower's 2019 Fund-a-Need "Building Your Future Self" helped support. Students enrolled in this independent research class will explore their passions and possible career pathways. [...]

Fund-a-Need Update: Navigating the Information Age

This fall, LBUSD hired a Digital Media and Library Specialist and two part-time teacher coaches to improve digital literacy and bring coding and computer science to our classrooms. Teachers Brian Kull and Carrie Denton have been active in the elementary [...]

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